Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Question Hour

by Tom Bozzo

A selection of today's visits from search engines...

john gard
He's like Tom DeLay minus the gravitas.

state and local tax deduction Bush eliminate
That reportedly is part of the Bush tax reform commission's plan. Republican stocks of political capital are such that its chance of passage prior to the 2006 Congressional elections is as close to zero as makes no odds.

fsbomadison discussion
If you are shopping the near west or near east, you or your agent must follow, which obtains listings for a lot of houses whose desirability-price combination makes the owners want to cut out at least one real estate middleperson.

ask the economist a question
What's the question, and which economist?

maryland victory song
This was a hit, as long as they weren't after the tune.

alan greenspan AND evaluation
Maybe, as Brad DeLong says, he's the monetary policy technocrat par excellence, though he'd have more of a lock on that title had he, like Paul Volcker, actually been the guy who wrestled stagflation and eventually won. Unfortunately, he will also go down as having enabled the worst deterioration of the federal government's finances in history.

dell XPS vs. apple powerbook
If you want to carry one further than the distance from your dining room to your family room, it's PowerBook all the way, baby. The new Apple 15"er is portable, relatively cheap, and has a new higher resolution screen.

darth miers
Heh indeedy. Though if her notes to George W. Bush from her Texas days are any indication, her Sith name should be Darth Obsequius (*).

bmw 2006 audio ipod hiss
None on my '02 using the iPod connection kit; I haven't tried the E90's stereo miniplug connector.

best blog in the world, becker, posner
Believe it or not, this one came from the domain. They got this post: I don't think so. Everyone should know that Fafblog is the best blog, and moreover is about "god and the universe and those horrible screaming monkeys and that time I made a pizza out of an old tire and a can of whip cream."

estate tax arguments already taxed
An estate tax myth is that it is a form of double-taxation. This may be so, but taxable estates tend to consist primarily of unrealized capital gains, which are hitherto untaxed.

restaurant muramoto
It's our favorite mid-priced restaurant in Madison right now. I could eat the duck roll every day.

pseudonymous blogging
I don't, on rare occasions wish I did, and don't hold it against anyone who does.

overture center possible gift of madison philanthropist jerry frautschi 21 million
It would be nice.

(*) Update: "Darth Sequious" would be a slightly less obvious, if a little more prequel-y, Sith name for Miers.
This ought to be a more frequent feature of your blog. Most entertaining.
Thanks, Isaac. The only catch is it requires the Site Meter to be on, which is controversial in the Marginal Utility household.
Lucas named several Sith Lords by dropping the prefix "in" -- Darth Vader, Darth Sidious, Darth Sipid. Harriet Miers can be Darth Gratiating.
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