Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Random Ten

by Tom Bozzo

The Wedding PresentBig Rat
The SneetchesYou're Gonna Need Her
Sometimes That's All We Have
My Bloody ValentineSoft As Snow (But Warm Inside) (iTMS link)Isn't Anything
The Commercial
Pink Flag
Salem 66
PlaygroundYour Soul Is Mine, Fork It Over
Elliott Smith
2:45 A.M. (iTMS link)
Robyn Hitchcock
Sounds Great When You're Dead
I Often Dream Of Trains
Cocteau TwinsMultifoiled (iTMS link)Head Over Heels/Sunburst And Snowblind
Spinning (Full Version)
Heaven's End
Return (Your Turn) (iTMS link)Strumpet

The iTunes Music Store Esoterica Index of this FRT — 100% less the fraction of songs available on the iTMS — TBD 60%. Of the included bands, only Salem 66 fails to appear anywhere in the iTMS library.
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