Wednesday, October 12, 2005

P.S. No More Public Scatology

by Tom Bozzo

You know the world's gone topsy-turvy when you check out the source material (PDF) behind the Rude Pundit's latest (Double Secret Warning: Extreme Aristocrats-type rudeness at the link!! Don't click through, get all shocked, and come back to tell me that I didn't warn you) on the Miers nomination and find that the rude punditry is actually straight news analysis.

Yes, the post title is taken straight from the hand of George W. Bush., July 18, 1997. Page 10 of the PDF linked above.
It is entirely possible that Bush doesn't know what scatology means. Like his use of disassemble a couple of months ago.
That's the less rude of the plausible theories, though whereas "disassemble" is a pretty obvious malapropism, it's no less a mystery what the heck Bush meant if he really intended "eschatology."
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