Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mmmmm, Food

by Tom Bozzo

"Food" maybe doesn't do justice to this menu, of which we're very pleased to have been invited to partake. While I might say that I haven't done anything to spoil my appetite this afternoon, one of the many great things about Nina Camic dinners is that the number of courses always feels exactly right, whether it's six, seven, or twelve.

I expect at least one or two of the more photographically inclined Madison bloggers, possibly including Nina herself, if she isn't so busy cooking she forgets to eat, will have pictures from the event.

Update: Scenes from the shindig, here.
Coming up. What I do not have good photos of is how incredible you and Susanne are as guests. The best. I mean it.
Thanks, Nina, we had a great time!
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