Friday, November 11, 2005

Book Club: Hopefully An Anachronism

by Tom Bozzo

Accelerando, which was published last summer, had a long gestation (starting in 1999). One way or another, this bit had almost surely been written and edited before the latest news from the 2006 Senate races:
The free media channels here [Britain] are denser and more richly self-referential than anything he's seen in President Santorum's America. (p. 34)
Sends a chill up, then back down, then up your spine again, eh? If there's one thing about the Republicans these days, rehabilitating their electoral losers — well, except as Bush cabinet officials — doesn't seem to be their M.O.

(Yeah, this doesn't mean that a wingnutty wingnut of the Santorum class won't achieve national prominence as the Republicans continue to go Taliban, but sending Little Ricky to the private sector would still be nice.)
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