Sunday, November 06, 2005

Martini Club?!

by Tom Bozzo

Kitchen life, 11/4/05 (evening):

That's a 1.75L bottle of Citadelle there — it was on sale at Steve's, and I figured I should be a Very Efficient Shopper. Uh, party?

In other Steve's news, the Illmitz (Austrian) 2004 Pinot Gris looks to be our next house white wine. In addition to the signage, it was a good sign when the clerk said "yum" while scanning the bottle.
I'm drinking the Illmitz as we speak!

On not over-interpreting "yum": you may have gotten Rachel at Steve's. Rachel is one of the more knowledgable wine clerks in Madison. Rachel also is high on Austria since her sister lives there and they have this back and forth thing going.

Still, it is a yummy wine indeed. I was going to bring you a bottle next time around, but frankly, there are none left in my "cellar." My last sip: to you guys over at Chapman.
Mike Kwas is a long-time pusher of various Austrian wines too, right?

Anyway, I raise the virtual martini glass to you, too!
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