Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Onion Is A Priceless National Treasure

by Tom Bozzo

I'm Very Interested In Hearing Some Half-Baked Theories
...All it takes is a little supposition mixed with critical theorizing and you can easily stumble on a tenuous half-truth that really makes you think.

Over time, I've also learned that slapdash research is key before jumping to any conclusion...

As important as research is, it's all about common sense in the end.

Then there's that thin line between truth and meta-truth...
I imagine you've read about the unbelievably brilliant "Flying Spaghetti Monster" theory.

In one of the most hilarious things I've seen on eBay, a grilled-cheese sandwich with the image of the Flying Spaghetti monster sold for $41.
This blog may occasionally be touched by His Noodly Appendages.

As for the sandwich, it's either a triumph of pure capitalism or a sign the end of the world is nigh. Maybe both.
The print edition of The Onion recently caught my attention in San Francisco. I don't know if it is new to the area, or if I just didn't notice it before. It's the only paper out there worth killing trees for in my onion. I mean opinion.
I think they might have expanded the print edition to a few more cities. Since moving the editorial offices to New York, they've become a bigger business -- mostly without losing their Madison edge :).
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