Saturday, November 05, 2005

Our Freaky Fall

by Tom Bozzo

It is actually the first week of November, and as far as I know, Madison hasn't been scooped up into an alien arcology whose proprietors want to experiment with how upper-midwesterners would deal with an extended transition into winter.

Yes, that's basil. And yes, it's in a planter too big to be moved indoors.

We have happy, happy lavender, too.

There's still a lot of green in my office view of the Shorewood Hill (here's a snowy winter view), but we are seeing some brilliant color from our combination of a dry summer and a not-so-dry early fall. Oscar has some great pictures of the ongoing change at The Columnist Manifesto. Sadly, last weekend's drive to the Twin Cities showed that the drab past-peak landscape is only a short reversion to mean away.
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