Monday, November 14, 2005


by Tom Bozzo

Site Meter weirdness: Either some expert system at Yahoo! (*) has suddenly decided that I should be a much higher-ranked search result for the so-called "Shangri-La Diet," or otherwise there's been some massive explosion in interest in the diet, to the tune of three times the usual hits. Go figure.

For those of you not coming here for information on the Shangri-La Diet or otherwise unfamiliar with it, it involves the use of small flavorless snacks to suppress between-meal hunger and thereby improve one's chances with the "Physics Diet" (a.k.a. consuming more calories than one ingests); see e.g. this preprint from creator Seth Roberts.

Shangri-La searchers who find this instead of one of the on-topic posts can read my comments on the self-experimentation method and the related Freakonomics article here, discussion of a testimonial from a friend of the diet's inventor here, and a comic discussion of my cat Milo's weight-loss program here.

Update: Some sleuthing revealed that there was a Good Morning America segment on the Shangri-La Diet this morning. Behold the power of MSM...

(*) Any irony or sarcasm readers might detect is purely intentional.
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