Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Story Of P

by Tom Bozzo

Yes, it's Thanksgiving afternoon pie-blogging!

IMG_2945Stars of the show

Convenience: The pastry blender has a lonely ThanksgivingIMG_2941

IMG_2951On the way to the filling: A whorl of peel

IMG_2958Sugar, spiceIMG_2959

IMG_2961Under construction

Lock and load!IMG_2965

And voilà… the finished product.

Coming up at dessert time: The Story of O.
That is one of the prettiest pies I've ever seen! I have pie envy!
happy T to the lot of you. I already know you make a hell of a pie. The best.
I am envious both of your beautiful pie and your bottle of Penzey's cinnamon. They were the only food product I moved to Canada, and now I am watching all my delicious spices dwindle away before my very eyes!
Thank you, all. (Great new avatar, Sara.)

Tina: Oh no! They don't ship outside the U.S., I take it? Note, one of their retail locations is just a few blocks from my office; I'd be more than happy to help out a blog-pal if you need resupply.
What a gorgeous pie! I wish I could have a piece for breakfast, myself!
They do ship up here, but I've been burned on duties on other products I've ordered. So idea how they figure them.

You are very kind to offer, Tom. I may well take you up on it!
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