Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Random Ten: Too Fried Not To Be Random Edition

by Tom Bozzo

As I noted in a blatant sympathy-grab over at Sara's blog, I've spent much of this work week wrestling a couple big Fortran programs into producing the same output as a knot of SAS code that processes a Large Data Set, snd so am a little fried this Friday. That's what memes are for, though!

(Artist, Song, Album)
1. The Times, On The Peace Line, Beat Torture
2. R.E.M., Laughing, Murmur (darn they look old in their iTMS splash page)
3. Manifesto, Sugar, Manifesto
4. Swans, Love Will Tear Us Apart (Acoustic, alternate version here), Love Will Tear Us Apart CD-single
5. The Stone Roses, Tell Me, The Complete Stone Roses
6. Big Star, Try Again, #1 Record/Radio City
7. Adorable, Favourite Fallen Idol, Against Perfection
8. Jonathan Richman, Abominable Snowman In The Market, Best of Jonathan Richman
9. The Jam, Smithers-Jones, Compact Snap
10. The Jasmine Minks, Can You Hear Me?, Scratch The Surface/Another Age

This suggests a couple things I should digitize but haven't (yet). The Swans' Joy Division cover is relatively straight (and, as indicated, acoustic, consistent with their later postindustrial style), but for times when I just need pure rage, I should digitize some of the "Greed"-era stuff — "Time Is Money (Bastard)" maybe. Also Big Star (*) frontman Alex Chilton's "High Priest" (1987) as the religious right's new puritanism for the "naughty aughties" provides a new gloss on "No Sex."

Today's list didn't look like it would score very high on the iTMS Esoterica Index, but limited selections from the Richman and Jam oeuvres sticks this one at 60% (I award full credit for iTMS hosting any Swans cover of Joy Division).

(*) Big Star was a musical source for lots of early eighties alternative bands in the R.E.M. vein.
The housewives have never seen anything like that before!

It's the shuffle as current-events karma...
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