Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Music Time and The Monday Nonrandom Ten

by Tom Bozzo

We interrupt the regularly scheduled outrage to bring you this important holiday music note. (Actually, I saw Tbogg's immortal holiday ten and felt, for no reason of real connection, like I had to reconceptualize what would have been Friday's playlist.)

Holiday music is occupying four of the five slots in the kitchen/dining room CD changer, and here are my Helpful Suggestions for the holiday music collections of people who have such things.

These discs are worth having:
1. The Roches, We Three Kings. John loves their fractured rendition of "Frosty The Snowman," but it's not just a comedy album.
2. Shawn Colvin, Holiday Songs and Lullabies. Unfortunately, this seems to be out of print. There may be ways of getting a copy anyhow.
3. Charpentier, Pastorale sur la naissance de notre Seigneur J├ęsus-Christ (H. 483), Les Arts Florissants/William Christie. For Baroque music fans, this is excellent if you have seasonal Handel fatigue. The single CD version I have is also out of print, but the 5-CD Charpentier collection on Harmonia Mundi would be a steal at twice its $40 direct price.

This disc will, despite its mellowing aims, drive me cuckoo bananas if I hear it one more time:
1. George Winston, December. Total. Crap. And I do not respect people who request Pachelbel's Canon in D major from Ruthanne Bessman on WPR's "Classics By Request."

Meanwhile, I offer this playlist from which a pattern may be detected.

1. Band Of Susans, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?, Hope Against Hope
2. Galaxie 500, Snowstorm, On Fire
3. Biff Bang Pow, She Shivers Inside, The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel
4. Charlatans, Polar Bear, Some Friendly
5. The Chills, Night Of Chill Blue, Brave Words
6. Modern English, After The Snow, After The Snow
7. The Jasmine Minks, Summer! Where?, Scratch The Surface/Another Age
8. Felt, I Worship The Sun, Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty/The Splendour Of Fear
9. The Jesus & Mary Chain, Surfin' USA, Barbed Wire Kisses
10. The Sex Pistols, Holidays In The Sun, Never Mind The Bollocks
There's a Shawn Colvin holiday CD? How come this is the first I've heard of this?!!
I only know about it through marriage. Interesting pricing from the Amazon sellers: A couple offer it for $7, several more for $20-30. Hard to tell how rare it really is from that!
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