Monday, January 09, 2006

Images From Blogger Dinner

by Tom Bozzo

See Ocean, where the amount of mess-making is greatly understated, for images of the first course, part of the second course, the Adorable Offspring being adorable (and me in an apron), and two of the dinner guests. I'll see what's on our camera later.

The trick here was to feed a vegetarian guest without making two completely different dinners. I accomplished this by deleting the smoked salmon from the fettucine with asparagus, smoked salmon, and lemon cream sauce in the first course, and by selecting an accompaniment to the main course (spice-rubbed beef tenderloin steak) that can hold its own as a vegetarian (indeed, vegan) main: roasted peppers with chick pea and eggplant puree, mushrooms, and tomatoes. The mains actually only sported about 400 calories (in either configuration), and were quite low-fat, allowing the guests ample ability to dig into Suzanne's key lime pie.

Thanks again to B, Nina, Oscar, Suzanne and Tonya for making it a great evening!
Thank you for not blurting out that piggish me ate two helpings of dessert.

I would like recipes but will settle for book sources.

This meal was truly amazing, btw. I cannot emphasize this enough. And the kids and hosts were way more adorable than they even appear in the photos. As I said in the post, I was so transfixed with the food and the company that I took hardly any credible photos. But I have no regrets.
The menu planning was phenomenal.
Thanks, Nina and Oscar.

Nina, I'll copy the recipes for you. They're from Gourmet, which makes them notionally obtainable via, but that site's recipe search function is all but useless.
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