Saturday, February 04, 2006

Only The Good Die Young

by Tom Bozzo

The sad blog news of the week was the announcement of last call at Pub Sociology as Tina and Brayden cease blogging to work off some blog fatigue and concentrate on children (small) and careers (nascent). The almighty Fafblog! links them under a heading that summarizes their M.O. well, "Learning is Fun!" Unlike Giblets, I don't demand satisfaction; I'll just note to that they'll be missed over here — hopefully, they'll show up in the comments now and then.

Get tenure and come back!
Hey Tom - Thanks for the kind words. I think I'll miss blogging too (we'll see if I miss it enough to start another blog). Getting tenure didn't impact my decision to go blog-less though. Blogging wasn't taking that much extra time out of my life. I'll still read the news and a few blogs in the morning before I start work, which is what most of blogging consists of anyway.

The real reason I stopped blogging was just that it wasn't as much fun as it used to be. When I first started off, I felt like I had so many things to say to my mostly non-existent readers. Strangely, I've become more shy in recent months (just as our readership began to peak). Can't explain why. I need a little time off and then we'll see if the blogging bug hits me again.

It's nice to know I already have a community of bloggers to return to.
I understand the blog fatigue issue, too -- I came close to hanging it up last summer.

If you do restart sometime, let me know! In the meanwhile, see you around in the comments.
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