Thursday, February 23, 2006

Preschool Appearance Update

by Tom Bozzo

I survived, with help from John's teacher Sue, who is a real pro and — sweet though the class is, and even as I grumble about the pending increase in preschool tuition when John moves up to the three-day-per-week program — is obviously massively underpaid.

Showing the elements of the address side of a letter from John's great-grandmother to Suzanne worked well with the story, which involves transmission of a letter from Betsy Bear to her grandmother, as did showing some different kinds of mail.

A gallery open house announcement from semi-local artist Martha Hayden (whose work graces our house in a few places) with an colorful expressionistic lower Manhattan landscape was OK. The best, though, was a small package from the LEGO company sending the replacement to a part that arrived bent in the new Star Wars A-Wing Fighter set. I opened it live for the preschoolers, and making a LEGO brick appear did get a bunch of jaws dropping. Magic!
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