Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dog Bites Dog Food

by Tom Bozzo

The obesity epidemic spreads to pets.

(Whistling a happy tune.)

As an owner of a rather large cat myself, I have been told by my vet that perhaps Monty should lose some weight. I was also told that he would not be happy about it. I was told I had a choice. Monty could live a few more years if he lost weight, but he'd not be happy. Or he could live his remaining years fat and happy. I like that. I like the idea of a content happy fat cat. And he does too.
The vet read me the Riot Act at Milo's last checkup -- so we're trying to stabilize his weight w/o making him a thinner but meaner cat. I can't see a lot of payoff beyond that.
My sister's cat is about that big. She tried putting him on a diet, but he still didn't lose weight. Hey, you cut a guy's nuts off, what do you expect?

My cat's vet also gave me a hard time about her weight. ("I don't want to say that Princess is fat but here is a picture of an obese cat and you can see that Princess here is a little larger than that.") Princess and I talked it over and we also agreed that she is better off fat & happy.
The vet we usually see is more circumspect about Milo's weight; he saw the stricter one last time. I will note that the state in which he's depicted represents six months of "dieting." So we really are trying to keep him relatively happy. For that matter, he's still an effective hunter despite his girth, so if we really tried to cut him off, he'd probably just take it out on the local wildlife.
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