Thursday, February 16, 2006


by Tom Bozzo

That was a flash of lightning I just saw!

There's nothing like 6-8 inches of snow followed by a weekend of bitter cold to welcome your mother to Madison from the (also recently very snowy) mid-Atlantic.

Addendum: Ben notes the rarity of thundersnows at Badger Blues.
i've seen lightning twice now. crazy!!!
Lightning & thunder in Sheboygan (Wisconsin), near the lake, too. (At about 10:20 AM 02/16/2006)
oh yeah man. thunder and lightening definitely in madison. was out (stuck several times) this AM and thought i was having a really wild flashback or something when i saw the FLASH and heard the BOOMboomboom. I'm from Mississippi so this is pretty wild !
It was going on in Milwaukee as well. Pretty freakin' neat, I thought!

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