Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Toddler Extra

by Tom Bozzo


I just can't stand the cuteness, even though those Stride-Rites are not as cute as a suitable pair of Robeez would be.
She is so adorable you could just eat here!
Okay, I can tell. You are going to move mountains for her. (I know a father like that. Come to think of it, more than one.) Oh, daughters!
Even red socks. What a little cutie.
That is an adorable picture. And she looks an awful lot like you there.

(Um, did I just call you, by the transitive principle, adorable?)
Thanks, everyone!

Scriv: That Julia looks more like me whereas John looks more like Suzanne is is a fairly widely held belief in parts where people care to hold it; between her and me, though, she has the monopoly on being adorable.
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