Friday, March 24, 2006

End-Of-The-Week Conversation

by Tom Bozzo

Suzanne: You must be disoriented...

Me (in my jammies): Uh, yeah.

[Conversation about friend who has had distressing health problems since having been caught up in the Milwaukee cryptosporidosis outbreak 10 years ago.]

Suzanne: By the way, I corrected a typo on your blog.

Me: Oh, thanks.

Suzanne: It was just so obvious and it was easy to do.

Me: That's true.

Suzanne: But I would never change a whole word without asking...

Me: If you want to do that, you should start your own blog.


Suzanne: Would you like some coffee? A martini?

Me: Maybe both. A coffeetini!

[Note: I went for just the martini.]
Suzanne get a blog!
Suzanne get a blog!
Suzanne get a blog!
Suzanne get a blog!!!!!!
Upon first reading I assumed this convo took place in the morning. Jammies, disorientation. I thought it was badass that you drank martinis in the morning.

But I see now that it was probably evening.
PS and Nina: I'll pass along the suggestion.

MT: It was in the wacky evening-morning after 4-1/2 hours of afternoon sleep following a 24-hour workday. Maybe 1/4 badass point for having a martini while wearing jammies, then? Otherwise, I'd just as soon stay out of rehab. Small mouths to feed, etc.
She can have one of my spare ones, if you can't fit her in as a collaborator on yours.
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