Friday, March 10, 2006

It's Stata Upgrade Day!

by Tom Bozzo

This came for some of us a while back, but we don't all have a Special Relationship with StataCorp.

Quantitative social science geeks in the audience may whistle at hearing that this will be a colossal upgrade step — from Intercooled (*) Stata 6 to Stata SE 9. With full documentation!

Colleague D and I are so excited that Colleague B has been looking like he's ready to have us committed.

(*) A silly name made sillier by the factoid that Intercooled Stata is, contrary to the implication that it's better than Naturally Aspirated Stata or even just plain Turbo Stata, the base product for non-educational users.
I'm jealous. Very jealous. STATA is, as the kids say, da bomb.
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