Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back In The Saddle Again

by Tom Bozzo

This morning, I finally donned my extremely bright birthday windbreaker — very effective at keeping out the wind; hopefully I won't get a signal of ineffectiveness at repelling SUV drivers — and biked to work for the first time this season. By Sara's standards, this makes me a fair weather wimp cyclist. It nevertheless felt good to ride across University Avenue between signs for $3.129 and $3.139 premium gasoline. Now that Fearless Leader and the GOP are on the case, I expect to see $4 Real Soon Now.
Aw...shucks. My friends just think I am insane. My mother prays for my safety, too. Thanks for the nod.
You do inspire me to ride more. At least the network of bike trails and lanes is pretty good, which helps with the safety thing. I'd seen a colleague (who is pretty hardcore) riding in the right lane of eastbound University Ave. and thought, "but you have small children at home!"
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