Friday, April 14, 2006

Choosing My Confessions

by Ken Houghton

In the context of the attitude-toward-religion-and-the-irreligious postings, Dave Neiwert deserves serious notice for saying gracefully what I stumbled toward yesterday: it's the lack of tolerance (which may be endemic) that gets hackles up:
Of course, this doesn't much bother fundamentalists, since they already claim that they represent the only "true" Christianity, and consider anything that departs from their dogma to be "unChristian." Along similar lines, they also claim that this is a "Christian nation" that should abide by Biblical laws.

and select Biblical laws at that, since I've never noticed that Evangelicals keep Kosher.

In the world of True Believers, even relatively Christian beliefs, such as Tom's post-Vatican II Catholicism (a fading memory from the Holy See's point of view; ask Ernesto Cardinale) become fair game.

I note this today because of the day it is. Because today in the United States (and Monday in Europe) are "holidays," even for those of us who do not keep the religion(s) and sect(s) associated with those days. While I'm happy to have a day with the family (and to get ready for the 17th), one of my own choosing would, perhaps, have been preferrable.

Or is this what Tyler Cowen means when he speaks of "increased leisure time"?
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