Thursday, May 04, 2006

John and the $60 Haircut

by Tom Bozzo


Not surprisingly, the total cost was driven by the bribe, rather than the haircut itself. (Click through to the bigger versions and you can see the pizza sauce around his mouth a little better.) Julia, meanwhile, has yet to have a haircut. She's about to the point where she could use a trim, though...

We have managed to dodge the expensive haircuts, but we are frustrated enough with the progress (or lack thereof) of potty-training that we're almost willing pay one engine per appropriately-placed poop. For non-TtFTE-afflicted readers, that's $8-$18, plus hours of playing trains.
John was fixated on both of the Scottish twins for this haircut from darn near the second we unwrapped Gordon after the previous one. I think we're getting close enough to the no-big-deal stage with haircuts that our exposure is limited.

We have serious potty-training talk going on, but no action, so we're not even close to paying per poop (other than the current arrangements with the Kimberly-Clark Corp.)... but if I recall correctly, the deal is that he gets a roundhouse and maybe something else when the diapers are all done. My mother may be on the hook for the something else.

I could also try teaching him opportunity cost -- i.e., if he weren't using diapers, that would free up a decent amount of money relative to the monthly LEGO budget. That might be a solid encouragement, too.


Word verifictionary: pyewoo (pie, woo) -- way to heart, through stomach.
You're lucky to be able to bribe for haircuts! Our's just doesn't get it yet so he is starting to look a little girly. Sadly I think we're going to have to resort to haircut in living room while wiggles is on DVD. That or naptime haircut. Sigh.
I have to admit that our peaceful haircuts are only possible if we play a TtFTE show while I'm cutting his hair. But, still, he tolerates the electric trimmers, and doesn't even complain as much as his dad about crooked results. (Hey, you get what you pay for...)
Not sure what the rush is on potty training - he'll figure it out before kindergarten ;-) Sure, you save some $ on diapers, but you can't beat the convenience! No 'I have to go' when there is not a clean restroom to be found, no 'Go before we leave' power struggles, no multiple stops on trips to grandmas, etc.
Well, I pay for all of those Tommy G. Thompson memorial bathrooms on I-94, and dadburnit, I'm going to get some use out of them :).

Semi-seriously, while I've subscribed to the 'convenience that you wouldn't have imagined pre-children' theory for much of the way, when your kid can (1) express (if not completely reliably) a need to pee or poop, (2) volunteers to converse about using the toilet, and (3) is sufficiently articulate to complain about soiled diapers, it isn't too early to think about training.
The hair issue never ends. When I dropped Ethan at school yesterday morning, I noticed for the first time that his hair had not been combed. When I pointed that out to him, he said: "That's OK, Mom."

I looked around at the other kids and realized that he was right.
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