Tuesday, June 06, 2006

For Shame!

by Tom Bozzo

The Colorful Story in the center column (subscription req'd) of the Wall Street Journal's front page is a bit close to home today. My high school alma mater accepted a $1 million gift from alumnus Louis Capano, Jr., notorious for having helped his brother (also an alum) Thomas Capano cover up a sensational murder 10 years ago and otherwise exhibiting the cleanliness of business practices that you'd expect from a mid-Atlantic real estate developer of Italian-American descent. The upshot is that there will be a Capano Hall on campus — named after Louis Capano, Sr., and Jr.'s mother, officially.

A letter to the editor of the Wilmington News Journal says it all:

Catholic schools demean themselves by taking gifts

As the father of three St. Edmond's graduates, I read with interest about Louis J. Capano Jr.'s contributions to Archmere and St. Edmond's schools in his parents' names. I did not know Mr. and Mrs. Capano Sr., but not many parents can proudly number an adulterous murderer, a drug user, and a bribe-paying businessman among their progeny.

These two institutions honor the Catholic Church's tradition of willingly debasing itself for ready cash. I await a combined baked goods and plenary indulgence sale highlighted by the "Cooler by a Mile" raffle for a free weekend getaway in Stone Harbor, N.J.

Tim Casey, Wilmington

There can't be a Biden Hall — the senior Senator from Delaware was class of 1961 — because the Church doesn't want to honor pro-choice politicians. I wasn't happy about Sen. Biden's wankerish shilling for the bankruptcy "reform" bill, though son Beau ('87) is running for Delaware Attorney General and might do better.

To Tom Mallon, Archmere development director and classmate ('85): you can save the postage on those fundraising letters.

(A follow-up post is here.)
I concur wholeheartedly - as does everyone I know. They have seen the last of my money as well. Of course, the spin that Archmere put on this unseemly exercise in prostitution was to say that they were modeling the Christian concept of forgiveness. I may be ill. Obviously that same forgiveness doesn't apply to Sen. Biden. Biden's only "sin" was to declare that he will support the law of the land. The Capano family, on the other hand, has murder, obstruction of justice, drug offenses and sexual assault on its list. My, my!
If you care about this issue, please sign the online petition

Thanks AUKS
I am sickened by Archmere's acceptance of such dirty money. Why don't they name the bulding after Ann- Marie instead of the parents of the four Capano monsters? Clearly those who made the decision are living in a bubble and really don't understand what it is to love a child. No more money from me.
The WSJ article pointed out that Ma and Pa Capano actually raised four criminals -- the murderer, the two accessories to murder (one of whom, Louis Jr., was also arrested years later for bribing a public official), and a son arrested for rape and subsequently convicted of lesser related charges.

Yeah, we should name a building after these people. Model parents, they were.
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