Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sometimes I Raise the Dead?

by Ken Houghton

First there was the attack using Barry Manilow. Now, Australia (Queensland, this time) have determined that it's not just the "hoons" who need to be controlled.
Local governments in the northern state of Queensland have called on state authorities to establish an exclusion zone banning brothels opening within 200 meters (220 yards) of cemeteries.

Working in New York gives me a jaded view of 200 meters, but the "reasoning" is even more quaint.
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio Tuesday that cemeteries were places for quiet reflection by families who should not have to put up with "a brothel going on next door."

Property rights, apparently, extend beyond property. Someone please let me know as soon as Instapundit or Atlas Shrugged posts something decrying of this.

(Title reference here.)
This seems similar to the 'drug free zones' we have around our public schools - same concept, different sin.
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