Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Technology, the Long Tail, and actual progress

by Ken Houghton

As a rule, I live in the Reality-Based Community. There is one exception, though, for the moment:

For the moment, it is the night of April 8th, 2006. In fact, it is the night I referenced in this post, back in the days before this blog "got ruined by folks like me."

Right now--and until I get on the train again tomorrow--there are just over ten minutes to go in the third period, with the Badgers leading 2-1.

The greatest thing about it: having been without Internet access for the day of the game and three or four following, and since it's not the World Cup or the NBA Championship or the World Series or the Super Bowl (a.k.a. Wife-Beating Day)--or even the Stanley Cup finals--I'm not certain who will win.

Last night, it was 1-0 BC. By the train this morning, it was 1-1 in the second period. On the way home, a late train gave me just enough time for it to become 2-1.

No matter that the game itself was played two months and twelve days ago.

This is what Isaac Asimov always argued books can do. You stop, you start again, and you're where you were. And you can back up.

All because of TiVo(R), which is one of the two things that has actually increased "productive" time.

More tomorrow...
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