Sunday, June 18, 2006

Learning to Spell

by Tom Bozzo

Marginal Utility takes no responsibility for what might happen if you are drinking hot beverages while viewing this post.

The picture below — honest! — is the natural result of a preschooler obsession with sorting magnetic letters by color.


Well, how do you think we got the preschooler in the first place?

While John is all about saying out the letters, thanks to Electric Company saturation, he hasn't tried this one yet to my knowledge.

Happy Father's Day to the blogging dad buddies — Ken, Brayden, Scrivener, Corndog, Mark, Lance, Max — and to the rest of ye blogging and non-blogging dads out there. Not to mention the family members without whom Father's Day would just be another day.
I'm so glad you warned us about not drinking a hot beverage prior to reading your post. I am drinking very hot tea.

Thank you! (My computer thanks you, too. It's often a victim of laugh sprays.)

Happy Father's Day, Tom.
This made me giggle, but it is too warm for hot beverages today. Thanks for the warning though, and happy Dad's Day!
Oh my! John has coined a new word to describe what it feels like to have sex with a Jewish person.

Happy Father's Day!
Thanks and happy Father's Day to you as well. Hope you had a nice day.

With due respects to Tonya, "oygasm" was the only word there I recognized. See, for instance, this.

(I tried to check if it was in the OED, but since they just added "cheesesteak," I hold out no hope.)

Belated Happy F's Day, Tom.
Hope you had a great Father's Day Tom. Mine was great. I spent it basking in the sun at Park City.
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