Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Just a Bomb before I Go; A Lesson to Be Learned

by Ken Houghton

I would desperately like to believe that Israel's "angry denial" that they launched an "apparently deliberate" Israeli airstrike, but there is both evidence
After each call, the Israeli officer promised to have the bombing stopped, an officer at the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) base in Noqoura said....

A Western diplomat familiar with preliminary U.N. assessments of the scene also said that it appeared the munition that hit the bunker was precision-guided.

and, worse, precedent
On November 13... a U.S. missile obliterated Al Jazeera's [Kabul] office.... "This office has been known by everybody, the American airplanes know the location of the office," said Al Jazeera's managing director, Mohammed Jasim al-Ali. "They know we are broadcasting from there."

All that, in fact, was correct.

Inside the CIA, and White House, there was satisfaction that a message had been sent to Al Jazeera.

At least Olmert's government learned from the best.

UPDATE: Laura Rozen lays out the details.
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