Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday Toddler Extra

by Tom Bozzo

Victory in the battle of the East Coast preschooler distractions goes to Terrific Tuesday at Winterthur's Enchanted Woods (oops, forgot the [TM]*). This offered half-price admission for the kids, while I got to contemplate life with robber-baronial wealth for free as an adult accompanying one.

The theme of the Woods [TM] is fairies, and a number of girls had come prepared in various levels of fairy dress. This triggered something in our adult womenfolk, who ensured that Julia would not go through life without full fairy regalia:

(Not shown: Fairy crown that's a little to big for the time being, even for Julia's high-percentile noggin.)

The fairy stuff reduced the economic advantage over Sesame Place, and lunch at the venerable Pizza by Elizabeths in Greenville actually was more expensive (though infinitely better) than the theme park fare. And Julia was entranced by Elmo's World Live. Still, I score it as a second-round knockout for old-money Wilmington over corporatized entertainment.
Aaaaaah! Cuteness! Teh fairy-winged cuteness!
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