Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dept. of "If Only"

by Tom Bozzo

What if Dick Cheney were just some cranky Poli Sci professor at some out-of-the-way U — maybe a 101st Fighting Keyboarder envying the Instaputz while Lynne toils grading undergraduate essays. Perhaps in the parallel universe where Dick finished his Ph.D. at UW-Madison. (Maybe we can move there.)

Over at Waxing America, Barry Orton takes the wraps off a brilliant piece of political art, placing mock historical markers commemorating Cheney's time as a Madison grad student:
It was here in this modest, and since rebuilt, married student housing, in 1967- 1968, that Richard B. Cheney (Nickname: “Dick”) and his wife Lynne V. Cheney, lived in their second and final year as UW graduate students in Madison. Safe from the draft...and continuing his pursuit of his “other priorities in the 60’s than military service,” Cheney failed to complete his Ph.D. in political science while living here. Then, as now, nearly every country on the globe was represented by the graduate student families living in Eagle Heights. Perhaps Cheney’s exposure to this diversity of humanity provided a basis for a vow to never live in proximity to these people again.
It might be funnier in the absence of certain dispiriting political developments (*). But it's still very funny. Read the rest!


(*) Yo Tom Carper, WTF?!
Please feel free to add to the asterisk above: Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez—the latter of whom is running for election, and has been trumpeting his anti-Iraq Invasion position, and the former of whom doesn't have to answer or apologize to anyone (and is unlikely to seek re-election at 84).
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