Monday, September 11, 2006

My Children, the Blog-ebrities

by Tom Bozzo

No, I'm not going to post a 9/11/01 reminiscence today, or even take a fresh whack at the WPE (tune in tomorrow for that). I'm trying to keep my chin up, so here are the kids being cute:
(Yeah, separating them from the pacifiers is a battle we have deferred fighting.)

This evening's tale is from Saturday's Westside Community Market, where we hauled our very runny-nosed children to get some veggies and cookies. On the way out, I had Julia in one arm and a bag or two hanging off the other, when who did I meet IRL but bloggy pal Barry Orton — defender of 'net neutrality, editor of Paul Soglin's blog, secretary of the Westside Market's board, UW professor, bratwurst connoisseur, and much much more.

Without obviously pulling my leg, Barry claimed to have recognized me via Julia. That's Plausible, as you'd have to be a very close follower of the blog and/or my Flickr page to have caught glimpses of the grown-up members of the family. The representation you may have seen in the comments section here or on certain other Blogspot blogs is not really useful for real-world identification.

Actually, I was thinking of replacing it with a slightly more realistic version. The old one, see, uses a Han Solo minifigure torso, the collar of which is open to an extent you'd never see on the real me. Also, the clear coffee mug has been mistaken for a beer receptacle. Not that I have anything against beer, but if it's going to be assumed that my small plastic self is having a drink, a wine glass or stemmed cocktail glass would be more appropriate. So, voilà, LEGO minifigure me, version 2.0:

Raising a small glass in anticipation of better days...
Beta Bozzo!

Lovely adorable children pictures, as always.
Do you have a navy blazer? Get one to match your man.

(Interestingly, Barry's son and my daughter attended nursery school together. So I totally believe his good observational skills vis-a-vis the toddler set.)

(Did you go to the market again because I eat/drink you out of house and home?)
JR: As always, you are very kind.

Nina: Yes, I do have a navy blazer (mmm, cashmere). Navy cardigan is more my usual mode, but there isn't a LEGO version of that.

The kids are doing a pretty good job of eating us out of house and home, so there are usually two market trips/week for fresh stuff in season.
Tom: It's easy to recognize a cute kid being held by a Lego-lookaike. Glad to hear you're a twice weekly market customer. Fresh local stuff is one of Madison's joys. I assume you know we've got a Wednesday Westside market on the Segoe Road side of Westgate.

Nina: Thanks for vouching for me. FYI, I've linked to a couple of Ocean posts on the Westside Market's website list of its vendors on the Web. Follow Tom's link to the Market's site: Skip the Square once and come by the DoT lot on Saturday - we're real bike-friendly, and Pleasant Springs Orchard has just started selling that killer apple cider you love.

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