Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dead Battery

by Ken Houghton

The above is the likely headline on either the Daily News or the New York Post tomorrow after Cory Lidle accidentally crashed his plane into a building around 72nd and York Avenue today, following the Thurman Munson crash of 1979.

One of the news agencies reporting this as being "close to Rockefeller Center," while the ESPN's article describes the crash site as "a red-brick tower overlooking the East River, about five miles from the World Trade Center." These may be considered small distances elsewhere, but for New York, that's several million people and multiple neighborhoods away, as a casual glance at Google Earth will show.

Jason Giambi expresses the tragic part, and the personal:
"My thoughts are with Cory's relatives and the loved ones of the others who were injured or killed in this plane crash. I have known Cory and his wife, Melanie, for over 18 years and watched his son grow up. We played high school ball together and have remained close throughout our careers. We were excited to be reunited in New York this year and I am just devastated to hear this news."

For the rest of us, Scott Lemieux sums it up.

But I expect—or perhaps hope—that Bill Gallo's cartoon tomorrow will have Munson greeting Lidle.
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