Friday, October 06, 2006

Melissa McEwan is a Tall, Thin, Blonde Conservative

by Ken Houghton

Note (9 Feb. '07): If you reached this post by searching the term "Melissa McEwan" in relation to the Edwards blogger business, see here, here and/or the bottom of the post here.

UPDATE 14 Oct: links fixed

I get e-mail, part 2:
Dear Ken,

The Republican National Committee is organizing the largest mid-term election year Get-Out-The-Vote program in our Party's history.

Count all the votes”?
This is an unprecedented effort as the RNC is handling the voter turnout drive for Republican candidates up and down the ticket.

I suppose what is unprecedented is that the RNC is doing the sole coordination. This is probably because their other organization, the DLC, is having legal issues.
If there is one thing I know from my own experience it's that the RNC is the most effective political force in America because of its strong network of grassroots supporters like you.

No question there. Ask Joe Schwarz. Or John McCain.
I am committed to helping win GOP victories at all levels -- and I hope the RNC can count on your help today, too....

Until now (since my e-mail setting defaults to blocking embedded images) I'm assuming this is from Ken Mehlman, who is proudly continuing Richard Viguerie's tradition of working with the GOP. But no...

What? The bloviating “maverick" (link is title reference) behind the detainee compromise is shilling for the Republican Party? But Joe Lieberman and Marshall Wittmann (a former aide to the Arizona Senator) tell me he's a Unity-type candidate:
In the past few years, there has been an effort by the neoconservative center-right to forge a new politics of national greatness. Although this new political perspective was never spelled out in specifics, its adherents (including me) envisioned an energetic federal government that would implement a foreign policy advancing American interests and human rights, along with a domestic policy that would promote national service, and an economics focused on benefiting the middle class....

The modern champion of conservatives for national greatness is Sen. John McCain. In the 2000 campaign, he advocated rogue state rollback, reform of government, an economic plan that focused on middle-class tax relief, and national service. He inspired Americans "to enlist in causes greater than their self-interest." [emphases mine]

And now McCain declares:
The November 7 elections will be some of the toughest, hardest fought in our nation's history. With our country closely divided politically, victory will go to the Party that does a better job of motivating its base and reaching out to undecided voters.

That explains the radio advertisement so offensive that even Michael Steele asked it to be pulled (though they will not do so, which allows Steele to pose as “principled”), the rebirth of the already-failed-once-this-year criminalize abortion bill, the voter suppression efforts, and the “posing as tough” effort.
In addition to getting our voters to the polls, Republicans must get our message out. From keeping our country safe from terrorists to securing our borders to reforming the tax code to make it fairer and cutting wasteful government spending, Republicans are working for a better future for America.

Just to be clear, none of the above links were in the original e-mail. (As for Democratic attempts to motivate their base, well, Tom covered that.)


Senator John McCain

Ken, Republican victory on Election Day comes down to getting every GOP voter, GOP leaning voter and discerning Democrat to the polls.

John McCain, representing "Discerning Democrats" everywhere.
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