Tuesday, October 17, 2006


by Tom Bozzo

See the stupidest fucking guys on the face of the planet in action. Please vote accordingly.
OMG. Freeze frame the very beginning of part 4 of the Frontline piece where it zooms in on CPA Order #2 -- the official document that disolved the Iraqi army. There are three glaring spelling errors IN THE FIRST TWO LINES! "AUTHORITY" is spelled "SUTHORITY" and they've got "provisional" and "dissolution" wrong as well. Did they even read this over ONCE before fundamentally altering the fabric of the country we invaded? No time to put it through the spell checker? Unreal.
Anon: I saw "suthority" in the broadcast, but not the other typos. Well, as Jerry Bremer said, he had other things on his mind...
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