Thursday, October 12, 2006

Former ATF Chief Dana Carvey-as-George Bush

by Unknown

Photo credit: Joshua Roberts, Getty Images, courtesy of the Washington Post.
I give up -- ATF chief??
Alcohol, Tobacco,and Firearms.
I'm familiar with the agency, it's the connection with Dana Carvey that I'm not getting.
I tried to find a good clip of Dana Carvey doing George Bush on SNL, but I failed in the 30 seconds I was willing to devote to the task. But to my eye, Truscott looks exceedingly similar to Dana Carvey as George Bush. Put some bigger, late-80s glasses on him and he's a dead ringer.

Don't try to read too much intelligence into my post.
Don't read any intelligence into my comments, Kim. I looked at that who-knows how many times and thought (suggestion of the title?) that it really was Carvey as Bush.
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