Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dear Internets

by Tom Bozzo

Why have you been so fascinated with Anne Hathaway for the last few days?

Meanwhile, searchers for "Trader Joe's, Madison Wisconsin" may note that today is opening day over at the Monroe Commons store.

The Site Meter is showing a veritable flood of Google image searchers looking for Ms. Hathaway, mostly from various foreign Google Images domains, and this blog doesn't seem to be a high-ranked return. The European premieres of "The Devil Wears Prada" may not be coincidental.
I'll stand pat with Drek's explanation of any fascination with Anne Hathaway, since describing her as "an attractive Liv Tyler" would probably get me in trouble.
"Why Anne H." is not so much the question as "why here?" and "why now?" A problem is that I think the Site Meter is truncating the search URL so that I can't see the full search term, but I've tried some of the obvious (cf: Drek) and am stumped as to how we're showing up.
Try "Anne Hathaway Proposition"
Or, more intuitively, "proposition Anne Hathaway."
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