Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The concise summary and a plea

by Ken Houghton

Patrick summarizes the reaction to results expected and realised, and picks his true hero for this election cycle.*

He may be correct, but especially today let us not forget Michael J. Fox, who may have no Elvis in him**, but who went to the Show Me State to campaign for Claire McCaskill and showed them—and the rest of the country—that actions have consequences.
Early on, it was unclear what impact a statewide ballot measure on stem cell research would have on the race. A defining issue of the campaign at first, it faded a bit from the spotlight in the fall only to resurface when the actor Michael J. Fox threw his support behind Ms. McCaskill, who favors the research, in a commercial that showed the toll Parkinson's disease had taken on him.

The stem cell initiative appeared to be winning, with 51 percent support after 94 percent of precincts reported results.

Donations to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research can be made directly here.

Photo mirrored from
here, taken 12 July 2005 by Jemal Countess - (c)

UPDATE: Steve Gilliard (h/t Brad DeLong) notes another big reason to thank Ned Lamont. But it's time to do something positive and possible, and most people are likely to find it easier to click the link above and donate than to move to Connecticut and subscribe to Lamont's cable company.

*This will especially be true if Lieberman changes from his campaign pledge to caucus with the Democratic Party, or resigns to become Director of Faith-Based Initiatives—Secretary of Defence appears to be taken—as some pessimists view as possible/likely. I hope for their sake that Lieberman will not turn his back on the party members who reaffirmed his seniority and supported him.

**I don't blame Fox personally for that abomination in Back to the Future in which the white boy—over the bleeding telephone—teaches Chuck his licks. Well, not entirely, but, well, actions have consequences.
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