Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Do... Not... Count... Chickens!

by Tom Bozzo

Since I ended up here two years ago, I really really don't want to start gloating too early.

Still, I'm glad enough that it looks like my co-blogger will be wrong and Sen. Man-On-Dog will be returning to private life (I doubt Ken will be too hurt).

Wisconsin polls have just closed. I'm guardedly optimistic that Doyle and Falk will prevail . It would take a very good day for the No side to prevail on the same-sex marriage referendum, let alone the death penalty question.

The exit polls are suggesting a strong showing for Doyle, and by 2004 standards a realtively close race on the same-sex marriage amendment. On the latter, not surprisingly, it appears as if it will turn out that Homophobic Men Suck. Dudes! It's easier if you just admit you're gay.

I'm going to pile in to Martini #2 and await further returns...
I'm shattered at the loss of Rick Santorum.

The only way I'll be able to recover is if that songwriter wins in VA. ;-)
Update: It appears that Wisconsin—along with SC, TN, and VA—will decide that "full faith and credit" does not extend to marriage licences, which apparently are not "public acts, records, [or] judicial proceedings."
Add CO to that list as well. It's getting difficult to feel safe going anywhere, given that the same clause is what makes my driver's licence acceptable.
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