Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mamma Mia!

by Unknown

A couple of weeks ago, Ken wrote a post about the All-TIME 100 albums. Somewhat flippantly, I commented on ABBA's absence from the list, after which Tom noted that the Brits, at least, seem to appreciate ABBA.

Brits, and, evidently, Swedes. Enough for 500,000 visits per year to an ABBA museum, according to museum's founders.

Which led me to wonder, how many other bands or singers boast their own museums, not including exhibits in multi-band museums (e.g., the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)?

Elvis. The Beatles. John Lennon has at least one, in Japan. Freddie Mercury gets a statue (though not a museum) in Montreux, Switzerland. (It wouldn't surprise me if Freddie's statue gets more visitors annually than Graceland, demonstrating once again the veracity of the adage, "location, location, location." And, in keeping with the ABBA theme, "money, money, money.")

There must be others.
Bennie and Bjorn have cowritten two musicals: the one that gives your post its title (five years and counting on Broadway) and Chess, the latter with Tim Rice. (Side pseudomusical note: Rice-as-lyricist made Murray Head [yes, Giles's real-life brother] a one-hit wonder twice, with "One Night in Bangkok" and "Jesus Christ Superstar.")
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