Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You Learn Something New and Depressing Every Day

by Tom Bozzo

Charlie Stross explains why the death of Alexander Litvinenko probably should scare the willies out of us.

(Post title courtesy of The Onion Store.)
An interesting premise. The questions I have about Litvinenko's murder are why choose a slow and flashy method? If the idea were simply to shut him up, a bullet to the head, a la Politkovskaya, leaves less of a trail. Plus it doesn't give him weeks to accuse his alleged murderers. Murder with an exotic poison requires much more organization--logistics as well as sourcing. It is quite evident that there is a statement being made, but I'm not sure who is making it, or even who is the intended audience.
It is quite the mystery. In addition to the efficiency of simply having him shot, I'd have to think that if the act were eventually traced back to the Russian government or a governmental client, killing someone with a radiological weapon on the streets of London would cause an enormous diplomatic incident. And the trace contamination reported as being detected around Litvinenko's haunts may ensure that the British will at least put in the appearance of a thorough investigation.
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