Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reasons Tom Toles is a Priceless National Treasure, Part 3

by Ken Houghton

If Brad DeLong is correct (e.g., here or here or here or almost any of these), there inevitably must be an unbundling of Washington Post assets.

Someone needs to move pre-emptively for Tom Toles.

I want this one silk-screened.

UPDATE: DeLong delvers a veritable knock-out punch of update(s).

I find it highly disappointing that most of the "analysis" I've read of the Democratic victories talks a great deal about Emmanuel and Schumer (who deserve plenty of credit) but not at all about Dean and the Fifty-State Strategy.
Mrs. C., if you haven't seen them, there have been some good posts around the major left-leaning blogs to the effect that responsibility for the victories is well-diffused among the campaign committee chairs, Dean's party establishment, the 'netroots,' etc. Considering the years of Bush-era journamalism, that might be too complicated for most major media pundits to follow. For narrative purposes, I can see why they'd want to point to specific "heroes," and for invitation-to-cocktail-parties purposes, they want to identify powerful people with kissable backsides...
Sure, the lefty blog are talking about Dean and the success of the 50-state strategy. But the SCLM? Not so much. And that's what's pissing me off.
I want the credit given where it properly belongs: Aaron Sorkin, for using the Rob Lowe character to show how silly it is not to run a viable candidate if you have one.

Only half-joking, especially in the context of this.
Mrs. C.: This may just be my inclination to make lemonade from my lemons talking, but as SCLM post-election memes go, "victory for moderation" beats "victory for terrorists."

Ken: Right you are. While I think the marginal vote flipped via electronic negative campaigning costs a lot, the Republicans also spent an awful lot defending what turned out to be much less safe seats than their strategerists likely had assumed.
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