Friday, December 29, 2006

I Sense...Closure?

by Ken Houghton

(following should be read in your best Deanna Troi voice, with a hat tip to the L&T Ms. McEwan.)

The Iraqi's long, national nightmare is over
. Sure, it ended at 6 'N in the Mornin', and at the beginning of a LONG weekend so that there wouldn't be much U.S. press coverage. Sure, there is some sniveling about fair trials, but the Washington Post says only the verdict matters.

And, yes, the timing of the original verdict didn't have its intended result (I sense realism, not paranoia, in the phrase "the verdict in his trial gets timed to coincide with the US elections"). But that is all in the past.

Fortunately for the world, the Reagan and two Bush Administrations, and especially Donald Rumsfeld, the Sovereign nation of Iraq, acting in a completely independent way (independent of Libya and Yemen, at least), has made an independent, completely honest decision, and has carried through on its action without any U.S. activities or encouragement.

Only a cad could suggest that closure has not been achieved.

And now, since all is calm and peaceful now and forever in Iraq, where the independent, sovereign nation has complete control of all matters, I sense that closure has been completed for Iraqis. A Justice System with Washington Post approval is in place. And Chris Matthews suggestion for leader of Iraq is no more.

War is over. Time for Johnny to come marching home.
A "cad"?!

And this from a fellow economist?!

Well, yes, "cad" does convey a certain... uh... cadness, I suppose.

The Dark Wraith experiences the full effect of the negative first derivative of utility with respect to the consumption level of obuseness.
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