Monday, January 08, 2007

Find the (former) Meth Lab Near You

by Ken Houghton

Today's trolling through the New York Post website in an attempt to find out about the gasmercaptan(?)* leak produces another, er, benefit (and way of identifying future Superfund sites):

Someone really needs to overlay the DEA National Clandestine Laboratory Register data onto a map.

Meanwhile, this is a treasure trove of correlation-is-not-causation data, not to mention its possible entrepreneurial uses.

Three meth labs in all of NJ, four in all of CT. And those are the two states with the highest per capita income levels in the U.S. (Wisconsin is not so limited, but none listed in Madison proper.)

*butyl mercaptan is, of course, what skunks give off to protect themselves, so there is always the possibly that there has been a massive invasion of Invisible Skunks.
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