Monday, January 22, 2007

In Preparation for Studio 60 Liveblogging from Mannion's Place tonight

by Ken Houghton

No, I'm not doing it tonight. (It appears it will be an extended edition, though. Be there or...well, don't.)

But as feeder material for the bitter, twisted, often accurate savagings of Sarah Paulson that used to happen there, this piece on Kristin Chenoweth may put the character's flaws in some context.
And what, you may wonder, lies beneath the glare of Ms. Chenoweth’s formidable talent? Is there buried treasure, or is the center hollow? The concert offered no clues.

UPDATE: Lance clears the Sarah Paulson air. And no, it wasn't me.
But you will be taking on the hosting duties at some point soon, right, Ken?
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