Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lost in 4-Year Old Translation

by Unknown

Thanks to an afternoon on Caltrain spent next to some "big" kids (i.e., around 7 or 8), hangman has replaced 5-Card Draw as Quinn's favorite game.

I was happy to oblige the new obsession until the fundamental flaw became clear: Quinn only knows how to spell four words with any consistency.* This takes much of the challenge out of the game. Indeed, our scores rival tic-tac-toe -- or, per Gary Larson, prehistoric rock-paper-scissors -- in their predictability.

*Mommy, Daddy, Quinn, and beer. At the risk of revealing a tad bit too much about our parenting, "beer" was the first word that Quinn mastered. We're still working on the lyrics to "Beer Run".
If it makes you feel any better about the beer thing, I've had the joy being asked if my martini is "yummy" by Julia, and explaining that she can't have a taste...
Heh, well, one of my kid's first words is not allowed on prime time tv. Too much time spent commuting with me in heavy traffic....

If you want, we can play hangman to reveal what the word is--and I'll even spot you the Wheel of Fortune 6 for you (R, S, T, N, L, E). Whoops, none of them in this word:
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