Saturday, February 10, 2007

LEGO Star Wars Nerds, Please Sit Down

by Tom Bozzo

Millennium Falcon. 5,000 pieces. U.S. price TBA (GBP 350 in the UK, ouch!).


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The link now says USD $499.99. Nice.

You can always justify this by the fact that Legos are a cheaper hobby than model railroads, which seems to be where we're headed. (Quinn recently inherited an N-scale train set.) At a recent trip to a model railroad train store, Q and I noticed a handmade O-gauge engine selling for the low, low price of just $11,000.
Once John and Julia, in turn, started putting two bricks together, I figured I had a built-in rationalization until they get too cool for LEGO as teenagers.

I've figured that any sort of major grown-up hobby (involving boat purchase, golf club membership, etc.) would involve a large multiple of my LEGO expenditure -- indeed, probably chew up my entire adult LEGO expenditure (to date) every year.

As for conventional model railroads (we have LEGO trains occupying much of the basement play area right now), that'll certainly absorb whatever you want to spend on it. I'm amazed at the price of the Z-gauge trains, m'self -- possibly collecting the surplus from not having to give over so much of the house to the layout?!
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