Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Brief HRC Interlude: Read Caroline Spector at Eat Our Brains

by Ken Houghton

I'm in the midst of a more detailed response to Lance's post here, which was inspired by Garance Franke-Ruta's abomination at TAPPED.

It may take another day. In blog-years, that's an eon or three.

Fortunately, I (as would any sane blogger) read Eat Our Brains on a regular basis. So while Lance waits for more details, I'm going to send him (and all of you, everyone) over to read Caroline Spector's post on Hillary R. Clinton.

(Go now. No need to come back to me.)

Just in case you're still here, let's be clear. Caroline's got political bona fides I don't; she contributes (or at least contributed) to Democratic Underground. She's in the same age demographic as Franke-Ruta's Gallup Poll (18-49). And she's female. So when she says to Hillary:
You’ve got an image problem that no amount of nifty TV ads is going to cure. And sadly, the first hit to your image is one you inflicted yourself.

She lays on details—including ones I had forgotten. And, after the inevitable discussion of The Man from Hope, Caroline continues:
That’s just the tip of the personality problem. Despite the fact that you’re funny, and have managed to raise a lovely daughter who has, you know, manners, there are people who just find you grating. Sadly, you don’t have Bill’s easy charisma. And it doesn’t help that over the years you’ve stopped being a person to many people and are now an icon for everything horrible they can think of.

The other problem is your record on the War in Iraq. You voted for the resolution to allow Bush the power to invade, and you haven’t bitten the bullet and admitted it was a huge fucking mistake.

The next few paragraphs are even better, and I want everyone to CLICK THROUGH THE LINK, but I'll quote the end as well
I’m sorry, but it had to be said. By all means, run for office. But when things go terribly wrong, don’t say you weren’t warned.

because throughout, I'm quoting a member of that demographic—18-49, Democratic, female, progressive—that Garance Franke-Ruta thinks claims* is Hillary's base.

So all that's left to me are numbers, Lance. We'll get to them tomorrow by Wednesday,** I hope.

*Edited for clarity. As Scott notes, "Garance hasn't made [the case for Hillary] either." [italics his]

**Edited for accuracy

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