Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Death of Progressive Rock, or Yes, I have an 8-track, but...

by Ken Houghton

It's all Dr. Black's fault.

In order to continue "annoying steve simels," he keeps posting Yes videos. And since he's not fighting with Brad and The Boys, he's not generally posting "Owner of a Lonely Heart" or "Don't Kill the Whale" or any of the, er, music from the time at which is was Really Obvious that the band had run whatever course made it interesting that didn't have to do with those Roger Dean album covers.*

So given that I prefer Hearts and Bones to Graceland, I decided to give another try to Going for the One.

Only to find out today that the last copy owned by the New York Public Library is no longer available.

Should I be relieved?

*Fairness note: Nothing was as poor an effort as ELP's Love Beach, in which the Portentious Musician-Rockers attempted to be late-stage Barry, Robin, and Maurice without ever having written anything comparable to the tracks on this disc.

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