Monday, May 28, 2007

What I'm Doing This Week

by Tom Bozzo

I'm going to Austria, baby!

Here's my fistful of Euros:

...and the plane to Amsterdam. I expect this will beat the ancient DC-10 from the last trip to Europe. If nothing else, there's laptop power and (it looks) decent content on the video system.

No idea what the connectivity situation will be at my destination, which is a couple hours outside Vienna. In the worst case scenario, I'll be back with pictures early next week.


Work? Pleasure? I can't imagine a family trip to Austria/Amsterdam but who knows!

This wouldn't be a bad place to take the kids (plenty of mountainous stuff to do), but not until they're a bit older. There was an unhappy toddler in the row behind me on the flight to Amsterdam, though.
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