Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Anti-Midas Touch

by Tom Bozzo

The Anti-Midas Touch

He has some sense of timing, that WPE!

Bonus Bushism from the presser:
Another factor one has got to look at is the amount of liquidity in the system. In other words, is there enough liquidity to enable markets to be able to correct? And I am told there is enough liquidity in the system to enable markets to correct.
Or, 'someone said "liquidity" in the briefing, and I'm using my Harvard MBA training to
use it in sentences!'


Today I saw a sign in a doorway in Collegetown: "impeach shit for brains." Appropriately, it was painted on an old cat litter jug. Creative, these college kids.
In other cat litter and bad president news: the business truck of Mad Cat, a pet supply store here in Madison, gets a new coat of paint with some artwork each month or so. Last month's was a spray-painted "IMPEACH" logo.
Kim: That's a good one... maybe someone'll do something like that to add to the variety of pro-impeachment signage in our neighborhood.

Ben: I hadn't seen that -- I'll have to keep an eye out (if that's still the paint job).
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